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Postcard From Magnolias Natura








Two different opinions of this area of Gran Canaria one votes it a hit the other a big miss....



From Barry and Mrs B following a trip in March 2011

We've just returned from a week in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. The weather was a tad unsettled but we managed quite a few hours on the beach in the buff. Temperatures in the mid 70s.

The naturist area starts just 800 metres east along the main beach and is clearly signed. Not far after there is one of the beach kiosks for refreshments and an area of sunbeds and parasols. We chose to go farther along to where the dunes run down to the beach. The dunes a fabulous and stretch back 100s of metres. One day when it was windy we chose the dunes where there are areas of small trees, giving protection from the wind (and sun if needed). Wandering around in the dunes without a stitch on was a blissful experience. 

The naturist beach occupies the centre section between Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. Although there is significantly more textile beach available, we found, as on other beaches, that textiles like to come and use the naturist area. Anyway, all seemed to rub along quite happily. Sadly, freak storms at the end of january have washed away 3 metres or so of shoreline, leaving rocks and large stones. This meant that swimming was out, and we only managed a paddle. We did go swimming on another beach but had to don our swimwear.


The vast majority of fellow naturists were German but we heard Brits, Swedes and French as well. We had a good holiday but probably won't bother visiting again, certainly not until the missing beach edge sand is replaced, as we do enjoy skinny dipping!


Best wishes from

Barry and Mrs B

And from Saturnian received June 11

Hi, I've been to Maspalomas a couple of times, but the experience made me look elsewhere on the island.

Maspalomas is 'naturism on mass' ! If you want big crowds, lots of gay men hugging and kissing, well then it's the place for you. I prefer something quieter myself. There was a carnival of some description when i was there. Entertaining to say the least. For the more discerning nudist who want a bit of peace and quiet,..this is not the place for you.

There are other smaller beaches on the island. Sadly, i found a real gem further along the coast. A year later i couldn't believe my eyes. A major storm in 2010 absolutely destroyed the beach. Where once nice smooth, level sand existed, now lay boulders, big boulders. Must have been a hell of a storm. The same happened to another beach i found.

I'm going to try Fueteventura next time. Gran Canaria has become very limited i'm afraid.

And from J + W received Dec 11

Wife and I spent some autumn sun in Maspalomas in October '11 for 7 days. The weather was high 20's without a cloud in the sky. We visited the naturist beach a few days during the week, there were all nationalities. The sand must have re-invented itself following the storms earlier in the year because the beaches were fine. There was a little wind and the sea was a little choppy but I understand this is normal. We will definitely be returning next year.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes

J + W

(is W short for Wife?? )

We love a nice controversy!

2013 Postcard from Bill

I have just returned home from a week in Maspalomas, Mid March 2013. My first visit, so I cannot compare to previous years. I can't say much for Maspalomas - but the beach and dunes are fantastic. Even at this early time of year, I had to buy much stronger sun cream than I usually use. Mid to high 20s (C) every day. High humidity.

On the couple of windy days, I joined the human ant trail between Maspalomas and PDI, and back. For the most part, my friend and I were the only nude ants - but nobody seemed perturbed - as others have commented, everybody gets along just fine. I am surprised by the number of people who walk miles to the middle of a nude beach, then keep their kit on.

The sea was too rough for me at the Maspalomas end of the beach - but the softer coastline at PDI was ok. Sea a nice refreshing temperature, and gentler waves.

The dunes are an impressive sight - and the patches of scrub give some shade, and shelter from winds. Amazed to find a monument to children with cancer, tucked in a gap between dunes, near the nude sunbeds. Also a bit surprised by volley ball nets, in the middle of nowhere.


The beach was regularly patrolled, both by red cross vehicles, and a couple of police on dune buggies. I had heard rumours that naturism was not permitted in the dunes, but the boy and girl in blue just whizzed past me, and carried on their round.

Overall, a great holiday, and I will go back.



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